PIX, CGI photography is a unique brand of photorealistic computer generated imagery produced by Set Visions. Our CGI Artists and CGI Illustrators consistently replicate traditional photography producing high quality revolutionary images and bespoke visualisations for large room sets such as kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms. For certain projects PIX is the perfect alternative to photography.


· Year on year cost savings
· No prototypes or photography samples required
· No structural set restrictions
· Reduced logistical and transport costs with no product related delays
· Showcase your colour variants across multi channel media

PIX and our ‘extra added value’

Combining vast studio knowledge with the latest technology, professional styling and photographic lighting elements, allowing a widely talented team to deliver exceptional service levels and images in PIX, the leading photorealistic solution.


PIX offers the flexibility to create 3D models from product samples, with the ability to also import most 3D CAD files in to our systems before creating rendered visual images.

For more details, visit our designated site www.setvisionspix.co.uk