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Friday, July 31, 2015

Creative Sources: Trend Spotting – See through chic

We’ve seen a wealth of lovely inspirational imagery recently that fits with the ‘see through chic’ trend.

Gudy Herder of Eclectic Trends blogs about this trend – here’s some highlights of what she has to say:

“The origin of this trend stems from a highly tech ruled world where we feel increasingly scanned. In today’ s life we face a constant correlation of security and surveillance with the human body being scanned at an airport when we travel, while interacting on the internet or tracked by hidden street cameras.”

“It is a movement that invites to discover and explore in a different way, like looking underneath the surface and being marvelled.”

“The trend is translated into fashion with cloudy and light-as-air transparencies, layering of blurry x-rayed images on tulle, peekaboo panels on silk and airy fabrics with a feel of lightness and delicacy.
Applied colours are b&w and charcoal with a stronger accent and referring to radiographs, whereas in fashion, this trend is decoded with more feminine shades with the aim to underline transparency and softness in Pale Pink, Blush, Eggplant, Aqua and Taupe."

“You ‘ll find this trend mainly in photography, art, graphic design and fashion.”

Indeed you will – and here are some amazing examples we’ve spotted recently:


Lifesize sewn fabric sculptures by Do Ho Suh


This summer’s Serpentine Pavillion


Photographer Guillaume Amat places mirrors into industrial and natural landscapes to look both beyond and behind


Transparent tunnels transform this courtyard


Blu Dot Hot Mesh Chair



String rainbows thread art installations


The Zandwacht


Futuristically illuminated undergarments

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Marc proves Pix CGI is far from pointless


Last night one of our CGI artists, Marc, appeared on BBC 1’s Pointless quiz!

You can hear him describe the work he does at Set Visions at 12m.18secs on iPlayer.

Set Visions, although starting as a Photography Studio, has now also been at the forefront of creating photorealistic CGI photography for the last decade, primarily for the Kitchens, Bedrooms and Bathrooms industries.

Set Vision’s unique brand of CGI, Pix, brings together our years of photographic experience with the latest 3d rendering technologies to produce photorealistic CGI - styled and composed to sell our client’s products. Far from pointless!

Marc appears again in tonight’s Pointless - so we’ve been asked to hold back on too much info. No spoilers! Watch it yourself here - (Series 14. Episode 2)

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Creative Sources: Simple, Clever, Cool

Our creative team of stylists, photographers and CGI artists are constantly scouring the internet for inspiration. Our regular ‘Creative Sources’ blog posts package up all the recent articles and images from various online sources that have inspired - us - our work - and now… hopefully you.

This week it’s all about ‘Simple, Clever, Cool’ - all the simple, clever, cool interiors products that have caught our eye. We can't wait to use some of these for inspiration for upcoming lifestyle photography and CGI.

Set Visions Creative Sources Stylish Design 1

A simple, clever solution to making IKEA furniture a whole lot cooler and individual


A very clever and compact desk solution

Set Visions Creative Sources Stylish Design 2

A rather clever and stylish wall mounted lamp

Set Visions Creative Sources Stylish Design 3

A cool combination of materials in these wood & aluminium sideboards

Set Visions Creative Sources Stylish Design 4

Simple use of a simple yet beautiful material
Set Visions Creative Sources Stylish Design 5

A cool approach to some warm, wall mounted lighting

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Off the shelf and into the spotlight

Set Visions Industrial Product Photography 1

At Set Visions it is our mission to bring our clients products to life through stunning photography.
When it comes to lifestyle product photography - this is about knowing the product, knowing the customer, their lives, their aspirations - and styling the shots to fit; creating desire!

All too often, industrial product photography can be somewhat left on the shelf - not at Set Visions. In a recent shoot for an industrial gasket company - we shone the spotlight on products that are all too often left in the dark when it comes to product photography.

By being creative with our approach to the composition, backdrops, surfaces and lighting, we escaped the clichéd shots associated with industrial products and created a vibrancy and desirability to products which deserve to be in the spotlight as much as an other.

Small Group 1 (RT)

Set Visions Industrial Product Photography 2

Set Visions Industrial Product Photography 3

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Putting the life in lifestyle CGI photography

Some of our latest work raised some challenges. To persuade our long standing client to step towards a lifestyle approach to their product CGI photography and to push our CGI & photography teams to collaborate to produce our very best levels of photorealistic life-like CGI images.

Set Visions Photorealistic CGI Photography 1

Set Visions Photorealistic CGI Photography 2

A collaboration between our photography and CGI department represents a winning formula - amazing life filled images by utilising live models and difficult to model organic objects - and the cost savings represented by CGI set builds which have no limits. No limits to what they can be, no limits to the camera angles which can be applied and no limits to how often the sets can be reused in the future.

Our clients huge range of new kitchens represented a shift in design - their new kitchen range having been much more ergonomically designed than ever before. With this in mind, we proposed a lifestyle approach to their CGI photography work which would really put customers in the picture - literally!

Set Visions Photorealistic CGI Photography 3

Tiverton Slate Built Under Dishwasher (DOF) V2

In order to engage the customer more - we created lifestyle driven main shots featuring people/live models - enabling the customer to imagine themselves USING the kitchens - and highlighted the usefulness of the kitchens ergonomic design features through 'in-use' cameo/close up shots.

We think you’d be hard pushed to distinguish our CGI images from actual - on set photography. We’re really pleased with the results, as are our clients.

Set Visions Photorealistic CGI Photography 5

Set Visions Photorealistic CGI Photography 6

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Photographer Assistant Internship – a week in the life

Meet Josh Wilde – one of our interns…

Creative Agency Internship

For a full album of Josh’s week visit our Facebook Page

"Enrolling my placement year at Set Visions has given me a great introductive insight to what working in the photographic industry is like. At university I have learnt the essential technical skills and photographic knowledge that I need to transfer over into industry. Set Visions has given me the opportunity & guidance to expand these techniques, which has contributed towards making some creative collaborative imagery.

Being a photographer assistant not only involves me with the photographer but the whole team. Working alongside stylists and set builders engages me within the shoots so I have to be practical and organised to anticipate the needs of the team and have the ability to foresee the potential problems and overcome them.

My main duties in the studio include:
  • Making sure all equipment is on set ready & pack away once done
  • Cleaning / tidying of the studios
  • Help making props / paintwork etc. for sets
  • Occasionally do cutout or live photography
  • When product is delivered, mark off arrived packages
  • Look after guests and clients that come to the studio
  • Make a quality brew for colleagues and clients

Working with the UK’s largest brands and large photographic team with years of experience means that shoots are fast paced, so I need to absorb a brief quickly, adapt to varying work conditions and work within tight timeframes.

Being a photography assistant has been an enjoyable job so far and I look forward to working on more great shoots."

Looking for an internship?
If you are interested in an internship within a creative agency environment, drop an email to

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Creative Sources – Hello Pluto, let’s get Cosmic

Set Visions Cosmic Trend 1 Pluto

At this historic moment, as the first close up pictures of Pluto are beamed to us from NASA’s New Horizon's Space Craft we thought we’d share some of our ‘Cosmic’ styling inspirations.

The ‘Cosmic’ trend has been breaking over the last year – you can see it within fashion (see below) – and below we’ll show you some of the home décor and interiors influenced by a new wave of excitement in our universe.

What with the release of Interstellar last year – and the new Star Wars later this year – and oh, wait a minute, in the real (out of this) world – Rosetta mission's comet landing, and the climax of a 3 billion mile journey to the furthest (demoted) planet Pluto… The cosmos is in our consciousness…

We hope you like some of these great objects, artefacts and inspirational images.

Home / objects

Set Visions Cosmic Trend 2 Space Rugs

Out of this world rugs

Set Visions Cosmic Trend 3 Greeting Card

Greetings Earthlings

Set Visions Cosmic Trend 4 Boullee Table

Sculptural table

Set Visions Cosmic Trend 5 Tapestry


Inspiring Photography & Imagery

Set Visions Cosmic Trend 6 Shuttle

Abandoned Russian Space Shuttle

Set Visions Cosmic Trend 7 Jelly Fish

Jellyfish Aurora

Set Visions Cosmic Trend 7 Coffee

A galaxy in a coffee cup

Set Visions Cosmic Trend 8 Beam me up

Ethereal images


Set Visions Cosmic Trend 9 ET

An E.T. inspired fashion shoot


Some alienesque nebula neon models

Friday, July 10, 2015

We are recruiting for a Project Manager

Set Visions is seeking a Project Manager to join their team based in Bradford, West Yorkshire. Offering a salary of £20000 to £30000 depending on experience.

Set Visions is one of the county’s leading photographic and photorealistic CGI studios. Based in Bradford, West Yorkshire we supply brochure images for some of the country’s leading retailers and manufacturers.

As an exciting, busy creative studio, we are seeking an experienced Project Manager to lead our studio team to ensure that projects are delivered on time and within budget.

You will be joining a passionate and creative team of stylists, photographers and CGI artists that create and deliver wonderful high end commercial images and state of the art interactive visualisers.

This is an amazing opportunity for an individual to contribute to exciting works and develop professionally.

Client-facing Skills are essential to understand the client's needs, and also to build the customer-employee relationship.

The ideal Project Manager must have previous industry experience working in a busy creative environment coordinating multiple projects at one time, from concept through to final imagery, working to tight deadlines and high standards.

As Project Manager you will be responsible for coordinating production, delivery, budgeting, as well as preparing proposals, and coordinate a busy project life cycle. To join this team you must be an agile and creative thinker where achieving the impossible is second nature.

Please see our websites and

If you have the skills and experience to become our new Project Manager please send CVs and covering letters to

Friday, July 10, 2015

We are recruiting - Video Producer – New Department Lead Role

We are looking for a Video Producer – New Department Lead Role.

Here's the job description:

Set Visions are one of the leading CGI and photography suppliers to many of the UK’s largest home decor retailers and manufacturers. We’re now looking to further expand our services of video and cg animation.
We’re looking for a self motivated video producer, ideally with some sales experience with the passion and creativity required to take this fledgling department from strength to strength.

You’ll be coming in at the start as we invest in this department – and we are looking for someone who has the energy, enthusiasm and experience to be the driving force of the department – utilising the animation, videographers and post production expertise we already have in-house.

Please see our website

Salary - DOE

  • Taking client’s brief from creative concept through to final edit
  • Managing our in house creative and production teams, out sourcing when required
  • Managing deadlines and budgets for projects.
  • Working with our sales and marketing staff to produce new sales leads
  • Client facing presentations and quotations.
  • Producing video packages using production techniques, including but not limited to filming in studios, studio set up, studio lighting , autocue operation, writing succinct, factually accurate voice over and editing as well as sourcing other material
  • Seeing content through to publication, Editing and self-publishing where required
  • Being responsible for thinking through and around editorial problems, developing realistic alternative strategies and approaches
  • Experienced in the use of a variety of production equipment
  • Quick to understand a brief and provide creative input
  • Experience working on multiple projects at the same time
  • Experience of working to tight deadlines
  • Self-motivated and able to engage well in a team
  • Sales experience would be an advantage
If interested - please send CVs and covering letter to -

Friday, July 10, 2015

Contributing towards a new life for vulnerable young women

Key to Freedom Charity

Set Visions' Founder and Director Graham Nelson and his wife Tracy recently represented the company at a charity event for the ‘Key to Freedom’ initiative.

Key to Freedom has been set up to support the Women’s Interlink Foundation (WIF) by giving them a platform to sell their products. WIF works across West Bengal, India, helping vulnerable young women develop skills to earn an income, in this instance producing garments which are eventually sold in Top Shop.

Each garment is hand made and signed by a rescued woman. For each garment purchased, a payment is made directly to her, enabling her to make steps towards building a new life.

Most of these young women have been exposed, since early childhood, to domestic abuse and in most cases have been trafficked into the sex trade. The sale of these products to a wider customer group allows the women who sew and dye the garments to earn a living and regain control of the choices in their lives.

All profits go straight back into the WIF in order to rescue and support more young women and to build new homes.

The Key to Freedom project was initiated in 2012, after The Duke of York visited India as part of Her Majesty The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations. This was followed by a private visit by Sarah, Duchess of York, who attended the charity luncheon, and Princess Eugenie, who met with the girls. They helped develop their creative ideas and lift the project off the ground.

To contribute to the project, donations can be made at:

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