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Friday, February 11, 2022

Tactile product visualisations

Using models in product advertising is an instant way to engage with your customer base. This established marketing technique can be easily applied to any of our CGI photography images, with our models naturally interacting with your products.

Our skilled designers take time to carefully composite our renders with specific shots of models, adding contact shadows to mimic real-life interactions. They add imperfections to surfaces and materials to maximise the realistic tactile look of the final images. Our ability to add models to any images can also be applied to video!

The boom in the popularity of CGI is due to the photorealistic results, ease of process and reduction of the cost compared to a traditional photo shoot. With Ikea using CG in over 75% of their marketing material, it’s no surprise that major home furnishing retailers are turning to CGI visualisations for their marketing campaigns.

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Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Leverage the power of immersive visualisations

Unreal Engine (UE) has broken out of the gaming world and is firmly taking its place in the commercial space of CG Studios, architects, and designers. Users interact with a virtual environment through real-time realistic and compelling renders.

UE is an ideal solution to remotely demonstrate a showroom, sales presenter, or an architectural flythrough. The rendering software can be an alternative and enhancement to exhibitions or trade shows. All the information a potential customer would want to see will be at their fingertips.

This is also an excellent tool for retailers who are looking to offer their customers an interactive product experience. Pixel streaming (high-quality server-side rendering) allows any user in any location to access this tool with a touchscreen device, desktop, or video.

For a truly immersive experience, users can take advantage of the VR/AR options. Potential customers simply use a VR headset to inspect products and environments in their own time, cutting the need for lengthy sales presentations.

Check out our Visualise website for more information on our interactive offerings, or contact our team at for more information.

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